INFARMED, I.P. celebrates 30 years of existence today, 15 January 2023


15 jan 2023

30 years of challenges, growth, evolution and continuous renewal, 30 years of public service at the highest level, patent in the sectors of its area of competence and in Portuguese society, since its creation in 1993.

To the employees who share the credit for the institution's historic milestones, I dedicate the first words of thanks. Throughout these 30 years they have taken up Infarmed's mission as their own and, with dedication and rigour, contributing to turn Infarmed into an entity of excellence, both nationally and internationally.

I would like to thank our national and European partners, namely from the European networks, for their invaluable collaboration, the steps taken in partnership and the joint effort in favour of public health.

A special thanks to all citizens, for the trust they place in us every day.

These 30 years of history attest the evolution of Infarmed's determinant role as a regulator, in the medicine and health products sectors, areas of extreme importance in the National Health System.  We want to continue to play that role, assuming an individual and collective responsibility to ensure the promotion of health, quality of life and well-being of those we serve: the citizens.

To mark this occasion, we will organise a session to commemorate Infarmed's 30th anniversary, which will take place on the 17th. This session will be held at the Tomé Pires Building, beginning with the conference "Shaping the future of medicines and medical devices" and will also include a round table on the subject of "Collaborating and communicating together is the answer" in a panel composed of personalities from the national and international sector.

This moment of celebration will be broadcasted in streaming through the following link:
Meeting ID: 876 3676 7707
Access password: 668557

The programme is available in the Agenda or in the area of the site dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the institution.

Congratulations Infarmed!

Rui Santos Ivo



30 anos Destaques