About bookmarks


The bookmarks feature lets you make a list of your favorite pages for quick access within the Infarmed website. Through this button, you can access your bookmarks by editing the displayed list, adding or removing the desired pages.

To close this box, you can either click the "X" button or click anywhere on the page outside the Bookmarks box.

After clicking the "Edit" button, you can change the sort order or remove pages from your Bookmarks. By pressing the "Sort" buttons, you can set the new sort order of your favorite pages.

"Bookmarks" and "Add to bookmarks" buttons are available on all pages of the website (in the page header), regardless of whether or not the user is registered.

Add pages
Bookmarks feature lets you add the page where you are to your favorite page list. To do this, click the "Add to bookmarks" button. If the page is already on your list, this information will be displayed.

Remove pages
If you want to remove pages from your bookmarks list, you must open the form in edit mode, mark the pages you want to remove by marking the respective checkboxes, and press the "Remove" button.

Registered and unregistered users
The list of bookmarks for registered users will remain registered in database and will be available every time you log in to the portal, regardless of the device used to access.

The list of bookmarks defined for unregistered users will be unique to the machine where the parameterization was performed, depending on the cookies stored.