Infarmed was the 3rd Member State to start procedures as Reference Member State in 2018


14 may 2019

Strengthening Portugal's position in the regulatory system is one of the strategic objectives of IInfarmed and includes the active participation in the European medicines evaluation network through Mutual Recognition and Decentralised procedures, in particular through the number of marketing authorisation applications initiated by Portugal as Reference Member State.

In 2018, Infarmed reached the Top 3 of the Member States that most contribute to the European evaluation system. The work carried out by Infarmed in the last 10 years, along with Brexit, has made it possible for Infarmed to integrate the European group of agencies with a greater active role in the evaluation of medicines.

The technical and scientific capacities in different therapeutic areas, recognised experience in the authorisation assessment and the availability are some of the aspects that are recognized and valued.

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